Atlee James Ronald was raised in a family of photographers. Family slide shows that turned into critiques, a passion that engulfed his whole family, Atlee took a keen interest in his families passion, he received his first camera at the age of seven.

Family summer vacations filled with long hours in the car, exploration and photography his creativity began to flourished. After grade school he did what so many other young adults in Alberta do. Atlee joined the work force and labored in the oil fields. During a regular 14 hr work day, he would never be found without his camera strapped to his side, receiving many strange looks from his comrades and many cynical remarks inquiring as to if he was on vacation.

After jumping around in university, trying out a few other random jobs and giving the other family career a try in the commercial print industry, Atlee stumbled across an art history class and realized how open and large the art world was. After another year away from school spent working in central Alberta (living on an air mattress and working 14hr days) he decided to go to art school.

After graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelors degree in Visual Communications with a major in photography, Atlee spent time traveling Europe seeing many of the works of art that he studied in school and experiencing many amazing cities for the first time. This trip ignited another passion; his passion for travel. What better way than to travel and practice photography to experience life to the fullest. Since then he has traveled to Southeast Asia, cruised many highways in Alberta, British Columbia (with spending a year living in the west Kootenay's for good measure) and most of the western States in his ever trusty truck, the Red Ranger.

With a firm belief that love and art can conquer, Atlee James Ronald is cutting his own swath through life.